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We're changing the hair and skincare game for black men.



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You deserve better. Meet the Brother haircare stack, a set of three complimentary products developed especially for the uniqe needs of afro and textured hair, that work together as a system to keep your hair fresh, clean and healthy.

Our shampoo, conditioner and oil are free from damaging ingredients like parabens, sulphates and petroleum and instead are packed full of carefully selected, natural ingredients like aloe, honey, castor and moringa (to name just a few), each of which play a unique role in supporting and helping the maintenance and development of healthy hair and skin.

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What our customers say

Finally, a product that's for my hair type. It smells and feels great.

Mo, London

Not sure how I lived without this!

Segun, London

I've started using the Everything Oil and its doing bits!

George, Leicester



Oh Brother! In 2022 we can send cars into space and sleep in underwater hotels, but you can’t buy shampoo thats made just for you. What’s up with that?

Brother was born out of a constant frustration at the lack of products that represent today’s black and mixed heritage men. Until now, the products available were often full of harmful chemicals, focused on women’s needs, or hadn’t changed in decades - petroleum gel anyone?

Our founder, like many other men, had experienced this frustration his whole life, growing up with whatever products his mum had at home; sheen sprays, pomades, and gels that were available but weren’t really fit for purpose. He decided it was time for a change...

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